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Babies develop at their fastest during their first year of life. That's why our toys accommodate their growing brains and bodies, we've done the research, so you don't have to, just pick out the toys you love the most.

What's this? What's that?

Babies are naturally curious and constantly exploring their environment. We understand this urge for discovery, our toys allow them to explore, manipulate, and discover to satisfy that curiosity.

Adventures for all the senses

Babies explore the world through their senses and our baby toys vary in texture, colour, and sound to stimulate babies' senses. They aid in the development of their vision, hearing, touch and motor skills.

First babbles and words

Our toys have sound and musical elements to enhance their listening skills and early language comprehension. These create interactive and stimulating play experiences to aid your child's growth and learning.
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Musical Cloud Light
Sweet dreams are made of this…With this charming cloud-shaped night light your little one will love falling asleep. The Musical Cloud Light has a sleep timer and a sensor that will reactivate the cloud automatically if your little one starts to cry. Cloud 9 here we come.
From 0 months
Sweet Dreams Baby Mobile
Make baby’s changing time and bed time more fun with this colorful mobile that fastens securely to cots and change tables. An adjustable wooden arm makes it easy to install and flexible to use. It features a music box that turns and plays a nursery rhyme.
From 0 months
Apple Grab Toy
If you’re looking for a baby gift that little ones will find fascinating to touch and bite, the Apple Grab Toy Teether will keep tiny fingers and mouths busy and discovering new textures for hours. This teether baby toy is easy to attach to strollers, cots and car seats, so your little one can play with it wherever they are.
From 3 months
Beaded Raindrops - Red
Not only will this rainmaker stimulate your baby’s senses, but it also develops hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. It’s ideal for introducing babies to the soothing sound of rain and puts them in control of how fast or slowly it falls as they tip the rainmaker over. And it’s robust enough to survive rigorous shaking and rattling.
From 0 months
Bell Rattle
Roll this clever rattle away from you and it loops right back – a little like a boomerang. Easy for small hands to grasp, it has a pleasant-sounding bell inside.
From 0 months
Bunny Stacker
This cute stacking long-eared rabbit certainly brings a smile to everyone’s face. The toy consists of five parts - a wooden base made of beech, three stacking rings made of different materials and a topper that’s a fluffy long-eared bunny head. One of the stacking rings has a cute pom-pom tail that can be pulled back and it also makes clicking noises on release.
From 10 months
Butterfly Rainmaker Robert
This infant rattle is a delight to their senses. It simulates the soothing sound of rain, which helps to calm overstimulated minds and relax fussy infants. Newborns will love to watch the beads cascading through the rattle. The crackling sound made by the wings, when paired with the rattle’s rain sounds, introduces even more aural and visual stimulation to developing minds.
From 0 months
Geometric Rattle
The softly-coloured Geometric Rattle is expertly designed to fit snuggly into little hands, and will aid your child’s hand-eye coordination skills when shaken and played with. Made from rice-based materials.
From 0 months
Melody Mansion Ball Run
Experience the joy of music and rolling fun with our House-shaped Ball Rolling Game. Navigate the colourful maze, or take out the xylophone board for individual melodic play.
From 12 months
Mini Van - Red
Where to? This mini van is ready for carpools, errands, and excursions.
From 10 months
Montessori Mirror Shape Puzzle
Have fun while you learn with this fantastic Montessori puzzle. Featuring three shapes with mirrors for you to put in the right place. Made from eco-friendly rice material, the shapes are soft to the touch and even have a pleasant smell!
From 10 months
Nature Scene Stacking Blocks
A colourful set of irregular blocks with a scenic and animal theme. These blocks have a nesting and stacking function to unleash your child's imagination and creativity.
From 2 Years
Penguin Music Wobbler
Engage your baby’s senses with our roly-poly Penguin Musical Wobbler. The toy emits soothing tinkling sounds as it wobbles, which perks up little ears and stimulates their visual senses.
From 6 months
Rattle & Roll toy car
This adorable Rattle & Roll Toy is perfect for child`s first car. Mainly made of rice material, it gives a soft-touch feel as well as a pleasant smell. Gentle sounds will come out while baby push it, making learning to crawl comfortable and happy.
From 6 months
Roly-Poly Ralph
It’s time to do some serious clowning around! This happy, clown-faced rocking toy for babies just loves being nudged and pushed about. He’s the perfect toy for early development. Bump him and he keeps coming back for more. And more. And more. And more…
From 0 months
Rotating Music Box
This charming wooden nursery toy encourages newborns and up to explore music and it also improves their hand-eye coordination. Twist the bright red base and it will rotate standing up or on its side while playing a gentle melody. Babies will be entranced as the decorative notes and stars change colour.
From 0 months
Walk-A-Long Puppy
Encourage first steps, walking and running with our Walk-A-Long Puppy called Pepe. This walk-along toy stimulates physical coordination, balance, and creativity. With a wagging tail and a friendly face, this pull-along puppy makes learning to walk a joyful experience.
From 12 months
Walk-A-Long Snail
This multi-tasking snail totes a shell full of wooden blocks as he tags along behind you. Lighten the load by removing the colorful shape sorter, and he’s ready to roll alone.
From 12 months
Baby Drum
Specifically designed to encourage movement, this wooden drum is a great way for children aged six months and up to improve hand-eye coordination and discover the world of sound. Playing this drum is the perfect way to learn about rhythm, experiment with different sounds, and to understand cause and effect.
From 6 months
Busy Bug Roll
Der Marienkäfer Marlon besteht aus Holz und Naturkautschuk und stimuliert mit seinen verschiedenen Materialen den Tastsinn. Dank der großen Löcher auf seinem Rücken ist er für kleine Händchen besonders gut greifbar. Neben seiner Funktion als Stehauffigur steht er auch beim Zahnen als treuer Begleiter an der Seite und sorgt für viele fröhliche Spielstunden im Kinderzimmer.
From 10 months
Dante Push & Go!
Dante the cat loves scooting about with his pals. Just press lightly on his back and watch him roll forward with his tail wagging.
From 12 months
Lilly Musical Push Along
Lilly the Bird merrily chirps and moves along as little ones learn to walk and balance.
From 12 months
Little Copter
Up, up, and away! Imaginations soar when this hand-powered copter takes off.
From 10 months
Magic touch curiosity tablet FR/ES/EN
Das Baby Lerntablet mit Holzelementen spielt über 150 Töne ab. Zahlen, Buchstaben und Tiere begleiten Kinder bereits ab 6 Monaten beim Lernen der französischen, spanischen und englischen Sprache sowie von Farben und Formen. Die innovativen Touch-Technologie bringt Magie ins Kinderzimmer.
From 12 months