Baby Einstein

A winning combination

Hape and Baby Einstein have combined their knowledge to create a range of award-winning toys that is stylish, inspiring and backed by the best childhood development research.

The magic of music

Our musical toys help introduce children to cause and effect and encourage the development of fine motor skills. All while your little rock star discovers the wonderful world of music.

Matching philosophies

By focusing on what makes us unique as individuals, Baby Einstein helps children to develop their curiosity, passion, and intelligence. Just like Hape, it's all about loving play, and learning as a result.

The best of both worlds

Traditional wooden toys offer durability and longevity. The addition of modern technology allows them to play realistic sounds just by gentle tapping, so you get the best of both worlds.

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Magic Touch Cash Register - FR/ES/EN/DE
Der Spielmodus fesselt Babys mit Soundeffekten und Melodien und fĂĽhrt sie an erste Einkaufsthemen heran.Der Entdeckungsmodus lehrt Kleinkindern Zahlen, Farben und Lebensmittel in 4 Sprachen.
From 9 months
Magic Touch Kitchen™ Toy - FR/ES/EN/DE
Im Spielmodus werden Kochgeräusche und Melodien abgespielt und frühe Kücheninhalten für Babys einführen Der Entdeckungsmodus bringt Kleinkindern Lebensmittel, Farben und Formen in 4 Sprachen bei
From 9 months
Magic Touch Shopping Basket - FR/ES/EN/DE
Der Spielmodus fesselt Babys mit Soundeffekten und Melodien und fĂĽhrt sie an erste Einkaufsthemen heran Der Entdeckungsmodus lehrt Kleinkindern Formen, Farben und Lebensmittel in 4 Sprachen
From 9 months
Together in Tune Guitar™ Connected Magic Touch™
Get ready for a mini concert with the Together in Tune™ guitar. With innovative Bluetooth technology, you can connect multiple instruments for a band-like experience. This award-winning guitar uses Magic Touch technology and offers four play modes, engaging sound effects, and learning lights for song guidance. Enhanced with colour-light sequencing and authentic guitar sounds, it promises a memorable musical journey. Ideal for fostering a passion for music.
From 12 months
Magic touch curiosity tablet FR/ES/EN
Das Baby Lerntablet mit Holzelementen spielt über 150 Töne ab. Zahlen, Buchstaben und Tiere begleiten Kinder bereits ab 6 Monaten beim Lernen der französischen, spanischen und englischen Sprache sowie von Farben und Formen. Die innovativen Touch-Technologie bringt Magie ins Kinderzimmer.
From 12 months
Magic Touch Drums
Hape’s Magic Touch Drums. Tap each of Baby Einstein’s friends to play a different note, and magic touch technology means there are no buttons needed! Baby toys that make music will encourage your rock star to think and act creatively. Two different modes mean there are lots of ways your little one can play or start composing his own hit melodies. The toy’s Drum Mode and Melody Mode let baby switch between playing along with classical tunes or moving to his own groove. Get ready to join in – playing the drums is just as fun for baby as it is for you too! And don’t worry about waking little brother or sister. The volume control buttons let you turn the music to “low” when you need to, or crank it up to “high” to rock out. At either volume, the higher end quality speakers make sure your baby’s beats sound just right.
From 6 months
Magic Touch Mini Piano
Let baby discover the magic of music with the Magic Touch Mini Piano from Baby Einstein. This mini piano is infused with the same Magic Touch technology as the larger version. Just a simple tap from baby will surprise them with sound! With two modes of play, the tiny instrument toy lets baby create their own songs or start a series of classical melodies. Every tap and touch will start a symphony that helps stimulate their auditory senses. Small but mighty, this portable toy encourages the development of fine motor skills as baby practices twisting the colorful keys and beads. Watch your piano prodigy play a recital everywhere she goes with this on the go version of the award winning Baby Einstein™ Magic Touch Piano.
From 3 months
Magic Touch Piano
Three modes of play (demo mode, free play & “Every sound a hit”) give your toddler the ability to make their own music or play along with classic melodies. This wooden toddler toy isn´t just for kiddos – join them at the piano bench to have just as much fun!
From 6 months
Symphony Sounds (FR / ES / EN)
So bunt kann Musik sein! Mit dem Bunten Touch Orchester lernen schon die Allerkleinsten das Musizieren. Dank der patentierten Touch Cap Technologie reicht schon eine leichte Berührung aus, um Töne zu erzeugen. Von der Farbenlehre bis hin zur Instrumentenkunde – in drei verschiedenen Sprachen fördert das Touch Orchester die Entwicklung feinmotorischer Fähigkeiten und bietet jede Menge Spielspaß.
From 12 months
Tiny Tambourine
Let your littlest love start his own one-man marching band with Baby Einstein’s Tiny Tambourine. A different take on the traditional rattle, this wood toy will be baby’s first and favorite instrument. This musical toy will encourage development of fine motor skills as baby holds on tight and rattles out new jingles.
From 3 months
Notes & Keys Musical Toy
with the Notes & Keys™ Magic Touch™ Keyboard from Baby Einstein. Made with award-winning Magic Touch technology, this wooden toy puts music at baby’s fingertips… with no buttons or keys required! The portable design of this keyboard toy makes it easy to bring self-expression wherever you go, and it stows neatly away when not in use. The musical possibilities are endless in Freeplay mode, and baby can switch between piano, xylophone, hip hop and drum sounds. Our Play Assist technology helps baby discover a new song by following the lights, and Silly Mode activates sound effects galore. This developmental toddler toy introduces color and music notes while exploring cause and effect through sound. Your budding musician will be amazed at the way their fingers or toes can make music happen with just a tap!
From 12 months
Strum Along Songs™
Baby’s first jam session is full of musical discovery with the Strum Along Songs™ Magic Touch™ Guitar from Baby Einstein. Made with award-winning Magic Touch technology, this wooden toy puts music at baby’s fingertips… with no buttons or strings required! Realistic guitar sounds respond to your baby’s strumming movements to put their creativity on the main stage. Your rockstar can create their own chord combinations or play along to pre-recorded tunes. Use the whammy bar to enter Silly Mode for sound effects galore. This toddler toy introduces colour and music notes while encouraging the development of motor skills. Let the creativity soar with baby’s very first guitar!
From 12 months
TuneTable (FR / ES / EN)
Ein Tisch voller Musik! Der magische Touch Spieltisch bietet insgesamt über 22 verschiedene Instrumente und ermöglicht damit ganz individuelle Kompositionen. Mit ihm lassen sich eigene Musik-Loops zusammenstellen sowie mit verschiedenen Instrumenten parallel spielen. Dieser Spieltisch fördert das intuitive Spiel und führt kleine Musiker in die Welt der Töne und Instrumente ein.
From 12 months
Magic Touch Xylophone
Xylophone. Made of wood, this twist on a classic toy plays real music using the same innovative Magic Touch technology found on the award winning Baby Einstein™ Magic Touch Piano. Two modes of play encourage development of fine motor skills as baby practices tapping out new tunes. In Instructor mode, she’ll discover new songs as she follows colored lights that show the next note in the song to tap. Or she’ll focus on moving to her own groove in Freestyle mode. With a push of the blue button, this toddler toy gives baby the power to be the star of her own show. The 30+ melodies and sounds means she’ll spend hours identifying new rhythms and patterns. This instrument isn’t just made for music; it’s a powerful developmental toy! Volume control can help you turn things down when your little one plays long after the encore.
From 12 months
Together in Tune Drums™ Connected Magic Touch™
With 4 fun play modes, you can make your own tunes, add silly sound effects and connect with other Together in Tune™ instruments to create your very own little band. The innovative magic touch technology means there are no buttons needed to make music, just a light touch.
From 12 months
Color palette FR/ES/EN
Inspire your budding artist to explore the world of colours. Featuring Magic Touch technology, this unique, mess-free toy introduces early art concepts to your mini Van Gogh. With 2 play modes, children can explore colour names in 2 languages or interact with colours through engaging light and music sequences.
From 6 months