4+ years

New possibilities in every playtime

As children explore the world, they become more interested in trying things on their own. At this age, toys that let them take the lead, like puzzles and crafts, are ideal to nurture independence in these key years.

Learning more about language

Once children hit 4, their language and vocabulary skills deepen dramatically. Teaching them newer, more complex concepts through play helps expand these language skills and boost their cognitive brain power.

Blossoming into independence 

From the age of 4, children begin to develop the confidence to face challenges on their own. Puzzles and toys with creative elements help to build this confidence, allowing independence to flourish naturally.

Problem-solving their own way

It's completely natural for children to have little disagreements during cooperative play. Toys that foster healthy problem-solving and communication skills can help children find creative solutions to their problems.
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The perfect beginner's Quadrilla set! This set comes with various parts and accessories to keep your children entertained for hours as they put their engineering imagination the test. Its simple assembly means that it’s perfect for children to build themselves but it also means they can play collaboratively with family and friends as they race down the track.
From 4 Years
Creative Construction Kit
Build a star, a ball or a wheel with this great Flexistix starter kit. Contains bamboo and flexible connectors for three different projects – or design your own fantastic creations!
From 4 Years
World Tour Puzzle
Race your friends around the world with this fun two-in-one game. First complete the 100-piece puzzle showing the countries of the world. Then use the characters to travel to each continent. Includes a double-sided poster.
From 5 Years
Colour Mix Painting
Do you know what red and yellow makes? Well with this colour mixing set you can find out yourself! Using the three primary colours, your mini artist can learn all about the different ways that colours are made. Plus the album comes with six activities to complete and even a handy binder clip to keep your artwork together.
From 4 Years
Compass Set
Using the compass, create a signpost that points in the direction of famous landmarks around the globe. We know Santa Claus comes from the North Pole, but then there's also Japan in the East, Antarctica to the South and the setting sun in the West. How many more can you add to your signpost?
From 4 Years
Dinosaurs Puzzle
Bring your favourite dinosaurs to life with this fantastic floor puzzle. Turn off the lights to see the dino`s skeletetons glow in the dark! Includes 10 cards with fun dinosaur facts!
From 6 Years
Field Microscope
If you've ever wanted to explore the microscopic world, then this toy is just the tool to do it with. You can look magnify up to 120x in crystal-clear detail.
From 4 Years
Hand-Powered Flashlight
Forget batteries! With this sustainable flashlight you make your own power. Made with bamboo and biomass plastic.
From 4 Years
Human Body Puzzle
The human body is full of interesting details and fascinating parts so why not let your little biologist learn all about it on their own with this illustrated anatomy puzzle? By learning through play, they will discover how the human body works from their head all the way down to their toes.
From 3 Years
Letters and Numbers Tracing
Practice the alphabet and counting as well as writing letters and numbers with this wonderful stencil set! Then you can write anything you like! Includes 44 letter and number stencils and an album with 10 activities. Perfect to use on Hape easels!
From 4 Years
Magic Forest Puzzle
Visit an enchanted, magical land with this beautiful floor puzzle. With 200 pieces which glow when the lights are turned out! Includes 10 cards with fun magical creature facts!
From 6 Years
Marble Catchers
Keep your Quadrilla marbles close at hand with these precision-crafted wooden trays.
From 4 Years
Mega Skatepark
Give your marbles some air-time as they shoot out of this high-speed jump and off the Quadrilla layout. You’ll be rewarded with a chime each time one lands in the bell funnel.
From 4 Years
Ocean Life Puzzle
Visit the dazzling ocean life with this beautiful floor puzzle. The puzzle shows an underwater scene and the creatures' hidden details glow when the lights are turned off ! Includes 10 cards with fun facts about sea creaturese!
From 6 Years
Oodles of Doodles Scratching
Take doodling to a whole new level with this exciting scratching set. Just scratch away your favourite stencil designs with the wooden stylus, and if you're feeling confident, doodle your own designs and watch the sparkling background appear underneath!
From 4 Years
Outdoor Art Easel
Experience the wonders of nature with Hape`s wooden outdoor easel. Perfect for outdoor creativity, this sturdy easel is a must-have for budding artists on their artistic adventures.
From 3 Years
Portable Bamboo Easel
A portable and eco-friendly art companion for young artists. Crafted from sustainable bamboo, it's perfect for creative adventures on the go.
From 4 Years
Quadrilla Advanced Coding Set
Further your coding knowledge with this awesome Quadrilla marble run tower set! Build the towers and tracks and find the missing blocks to unlock the code! The challenges are endless with this off-screen coding marble run!
From 6 Years
Quadrilla Basic Coding Set
Learn the basics of coding with this fun Quadrilla marble run tower set! Build the towers and tracks and find the missing blocks to unlock the code! The challenges are endless with this off-screen coding marble run!
From 6 Years
Race to the Finish
The perfect beginner’s set for the unlimited marble run possibilities. Full of spins, drops and seesaws, this set will have marbles racing in every direction. Ideal for independent or collaborative play, your mini engineer will learn how to problem-solve and develop their spatial awareness and fine motor skills.
From 4 Years
Solar System Puzzle
Does your little space explorer know what’s at the centre of our solar system? Well with this educational puzzle, they’ll certainly discover some exciting facts about our planet and its surrounding, celestial neighbours. Featuring solid-wood planet pieces, a glowing LED sun, and a poster with all the planet names, this puzzle will certainly help with fine motor development as your child picks up, pinches and holds the pieces.
From 5 Years
Sonic Playground
Add the dimension of sound to your Quadrilla runs with a xylophone rail that plays a musical scale as marbles race over it.
From 4 Years
Step Up Bamboo Easel
Set your imagination free and go wild with this fantastic double-sided, easy-assembly easel! Flip to choose between the blackboard, magnetic whiteboard or paper – then get creative! The double-sided design allows two children to play at the same time. The unique 3-in-1 design lets children experiment with different drawing materials and surfaces. The height-adjustable system allows you to adjust it according to the children`s height.
From 3 Years
Super spiral
Whether you want to play a tune or watch a marble go around until you’re dizzy, this set has plenty of pieces to keep your mini engineers entertained for hours on end. There’s plenty of varying pieces so it’s more than just a simple marble run… what will you create?
From 4 Years