2+ years

Helping them walk the walk and talk the talk

The terrific 2s and 3s see fast language, motor skill and cognitive growth. Our toddler collection helps you find the right toys and tools to help nurture this growth, from numbers and letters to mini motor movements.

From phrases to full sentences

As toddlers engage in imitative role play, they start to develop inventive fantasies and fluid narratives. Toys with role play elements nurture these skills, helping to articulate stories using full sentences.

Learning ABCs and 123s

Between the ages of 2 and 3, children start to recognise letters and numbers. Puzzles that teach alphabet and number basics in bright colours help to boost their pattern, letter and number recognition.

Mastering mini motor movements

Toddlers love to grasp small objects and move their bodies, so toys with moving parts let them explore their manipulation skills, while ride-ons or music toys strengthen their gross motor movements.
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Adventure Van
Head out for an amazing camping adventure with picnics, surfing and even hang-gliding with this brilliant, easy-to-carry camper van complete with dolls and accessories!
From 3 Years
Interactive Happy Birthday Cake
Give a birthday surprise to your friends, family or teddy bear with this wonderful interactive birthday cake! Featuring fun sound effects, an electric top cake with candle that you can actually blow out and six slices with strawberries and chocolate wafers!
From 3 Years
Race Track Station
Add a new dimension of fun to your rail play with this racecar track and station. Transport your cars to the track – and get racing!
From 3 Years
Rock-a-bye Cradle
Rock "dolly" to sleep in this sturdy cradle.
From 3 Years
This classic stroller lets your child take "dolly" for a walk around the block…or all through the house.
From 3 Years
Air stacker
3, 2, 1… Lift off! Who knew rocket science was as simple as stacking? With the Rocket Air Stacker, you can build the tallest of rockets and then watch the ball float to the top using the wonders of gravity. With different patterned tubes, new combinations can be tried over and over again. Plus, the near-silent fan means your child can still have fun even if younger siblings are napping.
From 3 Years
All Season House (Furnished)
Unleash their imagination with Hape’s All Season House. With three levels and six rooms, it will spark your child’s creativity as they design the rooms with the included furniture and accessories. The sturdy wooden construction of this house means it will last as your child grows. The storytelling possibilities are endless as little homemakers can add figurines and accessories to customise their home just how they like it.
From 3 Years
All-in-1 Easel
Whether it’s a scenic view or a dashing portrait, this all-in-one easel is ideal for your budding artist. This sleekly designed easel keeps any creative mess in one place, as it includes paint pot holders, a storage shelf and a replaceable roll of paper. Its adjustable height means it can keep us as your child grows. And its durable, high-quality frame will last for years to come.
From 3 Years
Anywhere Art Studio
To inspire creativity, all you need is the versatile Anywhere Art Studio. Its space-saving design means your growing artists will love swapping between the chalkboard and whiteboard to develop their creativity and fine motor skills. Best of all, you can move the easel from room to room, or even pack it up for trips away, making it a truly portable art studio.
From 3 Years
Battery Powered Engine
With its eye-catching red colour and shining headlight this battery powered train is a bright addition to any railway set. Let it loose on the track and watch it ride around while you pretend to be a real train conductor. Or put it to work pulling other carriages around the track with its magnetic connectors.
From 3 Years
Battery Powered Rolling-Stock Set
With a blue engine, this battery powered rolling-stock set amusingly wiggles and wobbles! Let it loose on the track and watch the cargo in one car bounce up and down while the pumps in the other car spin round and round.
From 3 Years
Beauty Belongings
Encourage role play and satisfy a child`s curiousity with this cosmetic kit. Set includes hair, nails and make-up essentials.
From 3 Years
Beep 'n' Buy Cash Register
The Beep ‘n’ Buy Cash Register develops early maths and social skills in a fun, imaginative setting. It also creates a sensory play experience with its interactive lights and sounds that mimic a real cash register. Younger children can develop their fine motor movements by scanning, pressing and exploring the register’s different lights and sounds. Whilst older children can learn to calculate and count by giving out change.
From 3 Years
Build 'n' Drive Car Set
Build your very own car with wheels that actually turn! Choose which of the five cars you'd like to build or create your own fantasy vehicle. Take the wooden pieces, screws, nuts, bolts and wheels out of the carry case, then use the screw driver and wrench included to construct your vehicle! The tools are safe and easy to use. You can even combine this set with other construction sets to add to your creations! This great interactive set encourages little ones to imitate grown up behaviour in a fun, safe way and is perfect for encouraging hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. The set also helps to promote imagination and problem-solving skills as well as supporting logical thinking and cognitive creative development. Suitable for ages 3 and above.
From 3 Years
Busy City Rail Set
Train tracks aren’t just for passenger trains. There’s freight to deliver, too! This double-loop city-themed railway set features a passenger train and a freight train, a station, automatic gates, a bridge and much more!
From 3 Years
Cargo Delivery Loop
People are waiting for their cargo! Use the magnetic crane to load containers onto the train. Then press the button on the engine to drive around the oval track and make deliveries.
From 3 Years
Chalks and Stencils Art
Use the stencils and chalk to trace exciting scenes with characters and funky shapes. Or you can go freehand and simply draw with the chalk. This set also includes a poster with tips and suggestions!
From 3 Years
Chef pak
Look the part as you whip up wonderful meals with this play chef set. Includes hat, apron, oven mitt, potholder, and five measuring spoons.
From 3 Years
Children's Room
This is my room! Every child needs a place to call home.
From 3 Years
Color Changing Oven
Junior bakers can create tasty treats for friends and family with this magic oven. Fine motor skills are refined as little hands manoeuvre the oven’s dial by setting the timer and serving up their cookie creations. As children role-play in the kitchen, they’ll develop their imagination and storytelling abilities.
From 3 Years
Construction & Number Maze
See how quickly you can find your way through the construction site and number maze and how many vehicles you can roll your ball over as you go! Or you can try and reach each vehicle in order of its number!
From 2 Years
Cook & Serve set
With a pot, a pan, plates and other utensils, your child has everything they need to cook, set up and serve a delicious meal for family and friends!
From 2 Years
Ding & Pop-up Toaster
Hear a ticking timer and a satisfying "ding" as your toast pops up when it's ready. With a modern look, stylish colours, and exciting accessories, there are endless ways to enjoy your toast.
From 2 Years
Dress-Up Magnetic Puzzle
Unleash your child's creativity with our magnetic dress-up set. Mix and match clothing pieces to create endless stylish outfits for the boy and girl models.