All aboard the learning express

From problem-solving to teamwork to fine motor skills, toy trains are brilliant for children's development. Encourage them to invent their own stories to boost their imagination.

A toy loved by generations

Railways are classic wooden toys that will last for years. With their endless combinations of tracks and trains, children will love using them to role play with family and friends.

Encourages pretend play

Trains allow children to pretend play as they re-enact and simulate real life situations. Pretend play fosters children's creativity and curiosity and is vital for helping children cultivate important life skills.

Unlimited possibilities

Our railway sets can be interchanged with each other, meaning that children can grow and expand their sets as they grow themselves.

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Race Track Station
Add a new dimension of fun to your rail play with this racecar track and station. Transport your cars to the track – and get racing!
From 3 Years
Battery Powered Engine
With its eye-catching red colour and shining headlight this battery powered train is a bright addition to any railway set. Let it loose on the track and watch it ride around while you pretend to be a real train conductor. Or put it to work pulling other carriages around the track with its magnetic connectors.
From 3 Years
Battery Powered Rolling-Stock Set
With a blue engine, this battery powered rolling-stock set amusingly wiggles and wobbles! Let it loose on the track and watch the cargo in one car bounce up and down while the pumps in the other car spin round and round.
From 3 Years
Busy City Rail Set
Train tracks aren’t just for passenger trains. There’s freight to deliver, too! This double-loop city-themed railway set features a passenger train and a freight train, a station, automatic gates, a bridge and much more!
From 3 Years
Cargo Delivery Loop
People are waiting for their cargo! Use the magnetic crane to load containers onto the train. Then press the button on the engine to drive around the oval track and make deliveries.
From 3 Years
Figure of 8 Safety Set
Red means stop, green means go! Teach children about safety signals with this figure eight railway set. It comes with a train, a conductor, a passenger and signals to stop the train and get it moving again.
From 3 Years
Inter-City Battery Powered Engine
The 9-5 life of commuting has never been more fun. Help the commuter get to work on time. Or add more carriages to the engine for longer journeys. Children will love role playing and inventing stories with this city slicker train set.
From 3 Years
Light and Sound Mountain Tunnel
This rocky mountain tunnel is a great addition to your Hape Railway sets! With infrared activated lights and sounds!
From 3 Years
Mega Metropolis Train Bucket Set
This train set with its multiple accessories offers exciting ways for kids to develop their imaginations through pretend play. Build the track as shown on the box or create your own metropolis. And when you’re done, use the buckets to store all the pieces together in one place.
From 3 Years
Remote-Control Train
Get ready for plenty of train fun with this innovative remote-control engine. Use a phone or tablet to control where and how fast this engine will travel. Once it powers down, simply charge with the provided cable and it’ll be back on track in no time.
From 3 Years
Advanced Track-Building Kit
Build the railway of your dreams with this selection of track including T junctions, switch tracks and a crossroad. Toggle the yellow switch on the long track pieces to open or close a siding.
From 3 Years
Automatic Train Bell
Hurry up and cross the tracks! The train is coming! This automatic signal can be connected to the tracks so that the bell rings as the train approaches the bend, or it can be rung loud and proud as a separate piece.
From 3 Years
Big Engine Shed
After a long day chugging and whistling along, give your train engines a break. Pull them into the train garage and prepare for the next big day on the tracks!
From 3 Years
Brave Little Engine
This colorful engine has a powerful motor that helps it to climb hills and ramps. The on/off button on top can be easily operated by little fingers. A great addition to your wooden railway set!
From 18 months
City Train Bucket Set
Hop onboard for a fun train ride adventure around the city. This travel-friendly bucket set is loaded with accessories like trees, signs and cars. And it comes in a handy storage box which also forms part of the scenery.
From 3 Years
Fire Truck with Siren
Fight fires like a real firefighter with this interactive fire truck. Whether they’re rescuing animals from trees or putting out fires, children can role play different scenarios using the moveable ladder and fire hose. With realistic details to create an immersive play experience, little firefighters can open the hatch to remove the firefighter and watch as they climb the ladder. Imaginative role play helps to develop children’s emotional understanding and cognition.
From 3 Years
Intercity Train
All aboard! This fast train has plenty of room for a driver and a passenger with luggage. Clever magnetic couplings link the carriages together no matter how they are oriented.
From 3 Years
Police Car with Siren
Save the city from criminals with this police car. Children can act out different stories with the officer and thief figurines. The working lights and siren create even more sensory fun, and the figurines’ movable arms offer more detailed play opportunities. Perfect for imaginative play, children can learn the difference between right and wrong and how the police bring criminals to justice.
From 3 Years
Race Car Transporter
It’s race day and time to get your cars to the track! Use the ramp to load cars onto the transporter, then drive it to the race track.
From 3 Years
Railway Bucket Builder Set
Now arriving at Platform Fun: the Railway Bucket Builder Set. This is one train you don’t want to miss. There’s so much to do and see with this detailed 50-piece toy train set. Be a train driver, a rail engineer or operate the crane. It has all the props kids need for stimulating communication and inspiring hours of imaginative role-play.
From 3 Years
Steam-Era Passenger Train
It's morning and time for everyone to get to work! Push your steam-era locomotive and its bright red carriages down the track to make sure everybody gets to the office on time!
From 3 Years
Adjustable Rail Turntable
Drive your train onto the turntable and twist the big red knob to choose one of six track directions. This mechanical turntable makes a reassuring clicking noise as it is rotated, and the central holding area is large enough for big engines.
From 3 Years
Automatic Gates Rail
Keep toy cars, trucks, and pedestrians safe when a train rumbles through town with this automated railway crossing. As the train chugs through the crossing the gates close to keep cars safely out of the way!
From 3 Years
Crank-Powered Train
Forget about buying batteries! Just turn the crank on top of this unique engine to create all the power needed to drive it down the track. A small generator inside converts your muscle power into electricity through the process of magnetic induction.
From 3 Years