Unleash their inner scientist

Junior Inventor introduces children to the amazing world of science and engineering. They can discover what science is all about, plus our free app will show them how to build everything step-by-step.

S.T.E.A.M. development

Junior Inventor promotes the development of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths skills in children. Skills that will help them throughout their lifetime.

Big ideas for little minds

The perfect toys to teach children hand-eye coordination and problem-solving, while also encouraging role play and of course...fun!

Building blocks for brains

Construction play helps make learning exciting and engaging. And it's a great way to get children asking 'what if?' and being more curious about the world around them.

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Build 'n' Drive Car Set
Build your very own car with wheels that actually turn! Choose which of the five cars you'd like to build or create your own fantasy vehicle. Take the wooden pieces, screws, nuts, bolts and wheels out of the carry case, then use the screw driver and wrench included to construct your vehicle! The tools are safe and easy to use. You can even combine this set with other construction sets to add to your creations! This great interactive set encourages little ones to imitate grown up behaviour in a fun, safe way and is perfect for encouraging hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. The set also helps to promote imagination and problem-solving skills as well as supporting logical thinking and cognitive creative development. Suitable for ages 3 and above.
From 3 Years
Vehicle Service & Repair Workbench
A detailed, interactive playset for budding mechanics. Featuring a vehicle lift, repair tools, and car parts there are plenty of pieces to encourage realistic role-playing. The set not only sparks creativity and imagination but also enhances fine motor skills, problem-solving abilities and social interaction.
From 3 Years
Experiment Starter Kit
Deepen your child’s understanding of physics and engineering with this amazing set. Includes easy-to-use pieces and tools, as well as inspirational projects to give children a head start. Compatible with other Junior Inventor sets. Are you ready to see what happens when you mix creativity with engineering?
From 4 Years
Magnet Science Lab
Welcome to the wonderful world of magnets! This kit will show you all the tips and tricks that magical magnets have to offer. So, if it’s space or even fishing that you’re interested in, you’ll find an experiment you can try. Better yet, this set is made for little hands, so nothing is too fiddly or complicated for children aged four years and up.
From 4 Years
Optical Science Lab
Get ready to explore the world of optical science – this awesome set comes with eight experiments that will teach you everything about optics and light. Ideal for budding scientists and engineers. This set is made for tiny hands, so there’re no fiddly bits when it comes to building your powerful pendulum and cool kaleidoscope.
From 4 Years
Scientific Tool Belt
Every inventor should keep their tools close to hand! With a pocket for tools and pieces, build experiments directly on the belt.
From 4 Years
Discovery Scientific Workbench
Get started on the road to becoming a scientist with this cool inventor`s workbench containing over 10 different experiments! As children aged four and over complete each experiment, they will produce a fun new machine to teach them about science.
From 4 Years
Science Experiment Toolbox
Good things come in small boxes! This compact toolbox contains everything children aged four and over need to carry out over six exciting experiments that will teach them about science and inventing,
From 4 Years
Three Experiment Kit
Get busy inventing with this kit containing over three exciting experiments. As children aged four and over complete each experiment, they will create a mechanical grabber, a crane, and a climbing frog..
From 4 Years
Deluxe Experiment Kit
Broaden your understanding of physics and engineering with this fantastic set. With easy-to-use tools and loads of pieces to build with including pulleys, propellers and even an LED light. Compatible with other Junior Inventor sets. The only limit is your creativity!
From 4 Years
Deluxe Scientific Workbench
Learn more about science with this innovative inventor`s workbench! It contains everything children aged four and up need to conduct over 15 experiments that demonstrate key scientific principles such as momentum, potential energy and energy conservation.
From 4 Years
Build 'N' Drive Motorbike Set
Build your very own motorbike with wheels that actually turn! This great set includes wooden sections, screws, nuts and everything else you need to build your very own vehicle! Choose between four motorbikes to build or create your own fantasy vehicle!