Inspiring a new generation of engineers

Marble runs are fun to build and exciting to play with. They also promote vital skills like problem-solving and hand-eye coordination, which serve children well as they grow and develop.

Similar to coding

Quadrilla has been praised by The Wall Street Journal as a great way to introduce children to coding. Not only do marble runs mimic the way computer programmes work, but they're also loads of fun.

Full S.T.E.A.M. ahead

Quadrilla actively encourages spatial thinking and problem-solving, which are a key part in understanding Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths (S.T.E.A.M) principles.

Fun for all the family

Quadrilla marble runs are brilliant for bonding between parents and children, and between siblings. Use the Quadrilla app to build more and more complex tracks together.

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The perfect beginner's Quadrilla set! This set comes with various parts and accessories to keep your children entertained for hours as they put their engineering imagination the test. Its simple assembly means that it’s perfect for children to build themselves but it also means they can play collaboratively with family and friends as they race down the track.
From 4 Years
Marble Catchers
Keep your Quadrilla marbles close at hand with these precision-crafted wooden trays.
From 4 Years
Mega Skatepark
Give your marbles some air-time as they shoot out of this high-speed jump and off the Quadrilla layout. You’ll be rewarded with a chime each time one lands in the bell funnel.
From 4 Years
Quadrilla Advanced Coding Set
Further your coding knowledge with this awesome Quadrilla marble run tower set! Build the towers and tracks and find the missing blocks to unlock the code! The challenges are endless with this off-screen coding marble run!
From 6 Years
Quadrilla Basic Coding Set
Learn the basics of coding with this fun Quadrilla marble run tower set! Build the towers and tracks and find the missing blocks to unlock the code! The challenges are endless with this off-screen coding marble run!
From 6 Years
Race to the Finish
The perfect beginner’s set for the unlimited marble run possibilities. Full of spins, drops and seesaws, this set will have marbles racing in every direction. Ideal for independent or collaborative play, your mini engineer will learn how to problem-solve and develop their spatial awareness and fine motor skills.
From 4 Years
Sonic Playground
Add the dimension of sound to your Quadrilla runs with a xylophone rail that plays a musical scale as marbles race over it.
From 4 Years
Super spiral
Whether you want to play a tune or watch a marble go around until you’re dizzy, this set has plenty of pieces to keep your mini engineers entertained for hours on end. There’s plenty of varying pieces so it’s more than just a simple marble run… what will you create?
From 4 Years
Castle Escape
Escape from the castle's rotary tower with this exciting Quadrilla set featuring two transparent stairways. As the marbles make their way down the rail they sound three hanging bells.
From 4 Years
Quadrilla Stack Track Bucket Set
Ready, Set, Go! Compete in a marble race with this fantastic DIY track! Build the track yourself then send the marbles rolling down through all the twists, turns, holes and ramps. Even the bucket becomes part of the track!
From 4 Years
The Cyclone
If it’s the ultimate marble run that you want, then look no further than the Cyclone. With over 200 pieces, you can certainly keep boredom at bay. Whilst they play, children will develop various cognitive, physical, and social development skills.
From 4 Years
Control-Block Multipack
Boost the versatility– and fun – of your Quadrilla sets with this four-block pack. Includes an adjustable distributor block where you choose the marble direction and three cool types of see-saw.
From 4 Years
Marble Racers
A set of fifty racers means you'll never run out of marbles again.
From 4 Years
Music Motion
E6012A Music Motion turns up the volume on classic Quadrilla marble runs by combining strategically-placed musical chimes with wooden rails and blocks.
From 4 Years
Race to the Finish Expansion Pack
Elevate your coding fun with this Quadrilla expansion kit. Designed to boost your Quadrilla set's coding experience, it adds flair, challenges, and versatility to your marble run.
From 6 Years
Double-Sided Spiral Twist
Get twice the spinning out of your Quadrilla set with this amazing double-sided spiral twist. Both the concave and convex sides feature spiraling tracks, doubling the play potential.
From 4 Years