Music toys

Music gets the brain working in harmony

Listening to and playing music improves creativity and fine motor skills. This develops faster connections between the hemispheres of the brain, leading to better memory and cognitive skills, as well as self-confidence.

Start off on the right note

Music has long-lasting benefits for babies. It improves mood, lowers stress and boosts hand-eye coordination. Our musical baby toys are as easy on the eye as they are on the ear, providing both visual and aural stimulation.

Find their forte

Music has long-lasting benefits for babies. It improves mood, lowers stress and boosts hand-eye coordination. Our musical baby toys are as easy on the eye as they are on the ear, providing both visual and aural stimulation.

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Learning to play an instrument gives kids confidence and a sense of accomplishment. Our easy-to-learn instruments are the perfect preparation for advanced musical learning and developing a lifelong love of music.

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Beaded Raindrops - Red
Not only will this rainmaker stimulate your baby’s senses, but it also develops hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. It’s ideal for introducing babies to the soothing sound of rain and puts them in control of how fast or slowly it falls as they tip the rainmaker over. And it’s robust enough to survive rigorous shaking and rattling.
From 0 months
DJ Mix & Spin Studio
The versatile DJ Mix & Spin Studio develops musical learning at different ages. Toddlers can discover the joy of music at the touch of a button, but as they grow they can start learning to play the keyboard and discover how to mix tracks. The keyboard has four instrument sounds (piano, bass, organ and drum), and it comes with a music booklet with eight different songs, as well as musical alphabet stickers to put on the piano keys to help children learn the songs. The DJ Mix & Spin Studio will last for years and accompany your child’s growth and musical journey.
From 12 months
Flower Power Guitar
Get strumming on this beautiful blue guitar! A cross between a classical guitar and a ukulele, it’s the perfect size for younger children wanting to learn an instrument.
From 3 Years
Mighty Echo Microphone
The Mighty Megaphone is a high-quality, battery-free, musical toy that echoes your toddler’s voice. It helps them understand how to project their voice and to express themselves creatively while role-playing. Not only does it build their confidence, but it also introduces them to music and song.
From 12 months
Multi Musical Block Set
Little ones will have stacks of fun with these blocks and toy instruments. The five differently sized blocks and five different instruments will help them explore music and shapes as they stack up the lightweight blocks and play the instruments.
From 18 months
Penguin Music Wobbler
Engage your baby’s senses with our roly-poly Penguin Musical Wobbler. The toy emits soothing tinkling sounds as it wobbles, which perks up little ears and stimulates their visual senses.
From 6 months
Pound and Tap Bench
Pounding sends the balls tinkling over the xylophone. Pull out the keyboard and the xylophone can be played solo.
From 12 months
Rainbow Xylophone
Introduce your child to new sounds and colors with this bright xylophone! Each colored bar plays a different sound when struck by the sticks.
From 12 months
Rotating Music Box
This charming wooden nursery toy encourages newborns and up to explore music and it also improves their hand-eye coordination. Twist the bright red base and it will rotate standing up or on its side while playing a gentle melody. Babies will be entranced as the decorative notes and stars change colour.
From 0 months
Together in Tune Guitar™ Connected Magic Touch™
Get ready for a mini concert with the Together in Tune™ guitar. With innovative Bluetooth technology, you can connect multiple instruments for a band-like experience. This award-winning guitar uses Magic Touch technology and offers four play modes, engaging sound effects, and learning lights for song guidance. Enhanced with colour-light sequencing and authentic guitar sounds, it promises a memorable musical journey. Ideal for fostering a passion for music.
From 12 months
Baby Drum
Specifically designed to encourage movement, this wooden drum is a great way for children aged six months and up to improve hand-eye coordination and discover the world of sound. Playing this drum is the perfect way to learn about rhythm, experiment with different sounds, and to understand cause and effect.
From 6 months
Learn to Play Drum
Drum roll please! Help your little ones make their first musical explorations with this brilliant kids toy drum. The gentle sounds and flashing lights on this musical toy are perfect for encouraging a love of music and developing fine motor skills.
From 12 months
Magic Touch Drums
Hape’s Magic Touch Drums. Tap each of Baby Einstein’s friends to play a different note, and magic touch technology means there are no buttons needed! Baby toys that make music will encourage your rock star to think and act creatively. Two different modes mean there are lots of ways your little one can play or start composing his own hit melodies. The toy’s Drum Mode and Melody Mode let baby switch between playing along with classical tunes or moving to his own groove. Get ready to join in – playing the drums is just as fun for baby as it is for you too! And don’t worry about waking little brother or sister. The volume control buttons let you turn the music to “low” when you need to, or crank it up to “high” to rock out. At either volume, the higher end quality speakers make sure your baby’s beats sound just right.
From 6 months
Magic Touch Mini Piano
Let baby discover the magic of music with the Magic Touch Mini Piano from Baby Einstein. This mini piano is infused with the same Magic Touch technology as the larger version. Just a simple tap from baby will surprise them with sound! With two modes of play, the tiny instrument toy lets baby create their own songs or start a series of classical melodies. Every tap and touch will start a symphony that helps stimulate their auditory senses. Small but mighty, this portable toy encourages the development of fine motor skills as baby practices twisting the colorful keys and beads. Watch your piano prodigy play a recital everywhere she goes with this on the go version of the award winning Baby Einstein™ Magic Touch Piano.
From 3 months
Magic Touch Piano
Three modes of play (demo mode, free play & “Every sound a hit”) give your toddler the ability to make their own music or play along with classic melodies. This wooden toddler toy isn´t just for kiddos – join them at the piano bench to have just as much fun!
From 6 months
My First Xylophone & Piano
Is it a piano? A puzzle? Or a xylophone? Actually, this musical toy is all three, in one simple and colourful design. Use it as a musical toy or as a puzzle for kids to teach them about shapes, colours and sounds, all while having a total blast.
From 12 months
Symphony Sounds (FR / ES / EN)
So bunt kann Musik sein! Mit dem Bunten Touch Orchester lernen schon die Allerkleinsten das Musizieren. Dank der patentierten Touch Cap Technologie reicht schon eine leichte Berührung aus, um Töne zu erzeugen. Von der Farbenlehre bis hin zur Instrumentenkunde – in drei verschiedenen Sprachen fördert das Touch Orchester die Entwicklung feinmotorischer Fähigkeiten und bietet jede Menge Spielspaß.
From 12 months
Tap-along Tambourine
The Tap-Along Tambourine isn’t just a fun way for toddlers to learn about rhythm and timing, it also encourages physical movement and hand-eye coordination. Let them find their own unique and expressive way of tapping the tambourine or beating the drum while they dance.
From 12 months
Tiny Tambourine
Let your littlest love start his own one-man marching band with Baby Einstein’s Tiny Tambourine. A different take on the traditional rattle, this wood toy will be baby’s first and favorite instrument. This musical toy will encourage development of fine motor skills as baby holds on tight and rattles out new jingles.
From 3 months
Beaded Raindrops - Blue
Turn this rain maker over and stimulate senses with vibrant trickling beads and soothing raindrop sounds. Perfectly designed shape makes it easy for a toddler to hold.
From 0 months
Deluxe Grand Piano - White
The Deluxe Grand Piano is a real 30 key electronic piano that will enable your child to explore the wonder of music and create their own mini-symphonies.
From 3 Years
Double-Sided Hand Drum
Create wild rhythms with this versatile drum! Use the stick on the top surface and the side ridges. Then flip over to play the wooden tone drum.
From 12 months
Electronic Ukulele
Begin your musical journey and learn to play your favourite tunes on this brilliant ukulele which features flashing lights that teach you how to play! Includes an instruction sticker and booklet and a handle to make it easy to carry around with you!
From 3 Years
Learn with Lights Ukulele – Red
With a learning mode and a band mode, your kids can learn to play this ukulele at their own pace. The learning mode is slower and allows you to strum on your own, while the band mode ups the tempo and adds in backing instruments. As your child grows and becomes more confident, they’ll enjoy tackling more complex melodies.
From 3 Years