Beaded Raindrops - Red

Not only will this rainmaker stimulate your baby’s senses, but it also develops hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. It’s ideal for introducing babies to the soothing sound of rain and puts them in control of how fast or slowly it falls as they tip the rainmaker over. And it’s robust enough to survive rigorous shaking and rattling.
Product code: E0327
Fine Motor Skills
Fine Motor Skills
Exploring & discovery
Exploring & discovery
  • VISUAL AND AURAL STIMULATION: As the bright and colourful beads trickle up and down, the soothing rainmaker provides visual and aural stimulation to gently awaken your baby’s senses.
  • DEVELOPS RHYTHM AND MELODY: Encourages babies to develop rhythmic and melodic abilities as they discover the world of music at their fingertips.
  • LEARN TO SHAKE AND RATTLE: Robust and versatile, the rainmaker can help babies discover different variations in sound as they shake, rattle or roll the easy to grip toy. And it’ll help with developing their grabbing abilities as they play.
  • BUILDS FINE MOTOR SKILLS: It can either be a soothing play companion or it can be used for more energetic shaking, helping with sensory and fine motor skill development at the same time.
  • SAFE AND MADE TO LAST: Don’t worry about the rainmaker being shaken around. Its sturdy design means it’ll be delighting your baby’s eyes and ears for years to come. And it’s made with child-safe paint.
  • ABOUT HAPE: A world leader in creating high quality and sustainable educational toys that are as good for kids as they are for the planet.
Title Beaded Raindrops - Red
Product number E0327
Age Group From 0 months
Number of Parts 1
Size 5 x 20 x 5 cm
Weight 0.15 kg
Play tips
For an all-round sensory experience, use the rainmaker as a musical accompaniment while listening to music. Encourage your baby to shake the rainmaker in time to the beat. Play fast and slow music so they can understand how to make louder and quieter sounds with the beads, while also improving their fine motor skills.
WARNING: This toy meets the European and American safety standards EN 71 and ASTM F963. Remove the packaging material before you give the toy to your child. Please keep all the relevant information for future reference. Decorations and colors may vary!

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