Serving up skill-building play

Mixing soft and subtle textures with interactive lights and sounds, our collection of kitchen toys and accessories has been designed for plenty of sensory-rich and realistic kitchen-inspired experiences.

Made for realistic role play

Vegetables to chop, buttons to press and timers that ding are just a few of the fun features in our kitchen toys that equip mini cooks with real-life skills and prepare them for future food adventures in the kitchen.

Mixing up moments of learning

Cooking is an inherently sensory experience, so ensuring that little chefs have plenty of sensory-rich toys and accessories is key to developing fine motor skills, sensory processing and creative thinking.

Playtime with a social twist

Children learn social cues, like how to play politely with their peers, when they engage in collaborative role play, whether that’s running an imaginary bakery or checking out customers at a supermarket.
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Interactive Happy Birthday Cake
Give a birthday surprise to your friends, family or teddy bear with this wonderful interactive birthday cake! Featuring fun sound effects, an electric top cake with candle that you can actually blow out and six slices with strawberries and chocolate wafers!
From 3 Years
Picnic Set
Head out into nature for a delightful day with this picnic set! Includes one fabric basket, one picnic cloth, three bottles of beverages, two strawberries, two pieces of bread, one lettuce leaf, one slice of tomato and one piece of cheese to make a sandwich with!
From 18 months
Beep 'n' Buy Cash Register
The Beep ‘n’ Buy Cash Register develops early maths and social skills in a fun, imaginative setting. It also creates a sensory play experience with its interactive lights and sounds that mimic a real cash register. Younger children can develop their fine motor movements by scanning, pressing and exploring the register’s different lights and sounds. Whilst older children can learn to calculate and count by giving out change.
From 3 Years
Chef pak
Look the part as you whip up wonderful meals with this play chef set. Includes hat, apron, oven mitt, potholder, and five measuring spoons.
From 3 Years
Color Changing Oven
Junior bakers can create tasty treats for friends and family with this magic oven. Fine motor skills are refined as little hands manoeuvre the oven’s dial by setting the timer and serving up their cookie creations. As children role-play in the kitchen, they’ll develop their imagination and storytelling abilities.
From 3 Years
Cook & Serve set
With a pot, a pan, plates and other utensils, your child has everything they need to cook, set up and serve a delicious meal for family and friends!
From 2 Years
Ding & Pop-up Toaster
Hear a ticking timer and a satisfying "ding" as your toast pops up when it's ready. With a modern look, stylish colours, and exciting accessories, there are endless ways to enjoy your toast.
From 2 Years
Egg Carton
It’s breakfast time! How do you want your eggs? This egg carton contains six eggs: three hard-boiled eggs and three fried eggs. Shells come off for more realistic play.
From 3 Years
Little Chef Cooking & Steam Playset
Cook delicious meals with this playset- better (and safer) than the real thing! Just a push of the button creates bubbling sound effects and a mist that looks just like steam. Includes all the food and accessories you need to make your favourite meals. To create a lifelike cooking experience, this toy is designed for imaginative play whilst developing cognitive, social, and motor skills.
From 3 Years
Sizzling Griddle & Grill BBQ
Experience the joy of pretend grilling with our tasty BBQ grill. Complete with sizzling sounds, light-up coals and various, interactive cooking accessories for endless imaginative play.
From 2 Years
Tea Time Playset
This charming set is perfect for pretend play. By socialising with family and friends, children can develop their creativity, social skills, and fine motor development. It includes a teapot, two tea cups, a sugar bowl, and a tea bag, all crafted from durable, child-safe materials.
From 3 Years
Tea Time Wooden Play Set
It's tea time! With this elegant wooden tea set, your child can set up their own tea party to enjoy with their friends, both real and stuffed. Pretend play is a great way for children to learn about good table manners and sharing, whilst also reminding them to say please and thank you, and to reach carefully over the table when picking things up. With its bright colours and wood sourced from environmentally sustainable forests, this play set is as fun as it is durable.
From 2 Years
Toddler Fruit Basket
Fill this soft, felt basket with seven pieces of your favourite fruit. Peel the banana and the orange and share with your friends! Made of soft fabrics for babies` fingers to grasp and hold.
From 18 months
Toddler Vegetable Basket
Fill this soft, felt basket with six of your favourite vegetables. Pop the peas from their pod, peel the cabbage leaves and cut the carrot and eggplant in half!. Comes with a knife with a chunky, wooden handle for babies` fingers to grasp and hold.
From 18 months
2-in-1 Kitchen & Grill Set
Role-play cooking a delicious meal together with your child with this realistic 2-in-1 Kitchen & Grill Set that includes metal accessories, clicking, turnable knobs and an adjustable clock.
From 3 Years
Delicious Breakfast Playset
Get ready for the most important meal of the day with this fun breakfast set. Includes yoghurt with opening lid, milk and a bottle of orange juice which clicks when you turn the cap. Also includes one egg with eggcup, a bowl of oatmeal with a spoon, two slices of toast and one slice each of tomato, lettuce and cheese.
From 3 Years
Garden Vegetables
There’s nothing healthier than fresh vegetables! Trim the stems and then use the play knife to cut the green pepper, tomato and more. The vegetables are held together with self-stick tabs and come apart for extra realism.
From 3 Years
Homemade Pizza
Get a taste for Italian cooking with this brilliant pizza playset! Includes one pizza base which can be cut into slices, one pizza slicer, one cutter, lots of pieces of seafood, vegetables, tomatos and other pizza toppings and even a pizza oven which doubles as a delivery box!
From 3 Years
Mix ’n’ Bake Blender
Can't wait to grow up and become real baker? Then practice makes perfect, and with the Mix & Bake Blender, children can pretend to bake using their own flour & sugar packets, bowl and turnable blender.
From 3 Years
My Coffee Machine
Sitting back to relax with a cup of coffee is not just for adults, and with all you need to make a great cup of coffee, including, cup, milk, sugar, coffee pod and spoon, children will love the adjustable My Coffee Machine.
From 2 Years
Toddler Bread Basket
Fill your basket with a whole bakery of bread for you and your friends! Includes one piece of toast, one baguette, one croissant, one choc chip cookie, one soda biscuit, one jam cookie, one heart-shaped butter cookie and one piece of layer cake! Made from felt and fabrics which have a soft, realistic texture.
From 18 months
Chef's Cooking Set
A future chef can grow and thrive in the kitchen with this basic cooking set.
From 3 Years
Healthy Fruit Playset
Get used to eating healthily with this cute fruit set. Includes one realistic play knife, two strawberries, one pear, one orange, one apple, with removable stalks and one slice of watermelon all of which can be sliced with the realistic play knife and one peelable banana.
From 3 Years
Toddler Kitchen Set
Prepare delicious meals for your family and friends! This fun wooden stove comes with one pot with lid, one frying pan, one spoon and one spatula for you to cook with. Features knobs which click cutely when turned. Store your pot and pan in the spaces behind the hob when you`re done.
From 18 months