Making sustainability accessible, child-friendly and fun

"We want to inspire children to learn about important sustainability topics. This means creating something fun and engaging in order to teach the future generation how to look after our planet."

Greta Giangrande, Product Designer

Inspiring animations

With these short animations, children can follow the Explorers on their adventures and learn about important sustainability topics.

Plant-powered playtime

Each Green Planet Explorers toy is made with at least 80% renewable materials, like bamboo and Green PE (from sugar cane), and no unnecessary plastics.

Teaming up with One Tree Planted

For every toy you purchase, one sapling is planted by our partner charity One Tree Planted, helping us to protect our explorers’ habitats one tree at a time.

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Honey Bees Picnic
A playset that teaches children the importance of bees and the vital role they play for the planet. In this set, mini beekeepers will learn how honey is made from nectar and also how it transforms into a well-known delicious snack.
From 3 Years
Kayl & Wai
Dive into the action with Wai and Kayl. Rescue ocean animals, clean up the seas, and learn about environmental conservation with this immersive underwater adventure.
From 3 Years
Milo & Melody
Join Milo and Melody, the eco-friendly tiger duo, on a musical journey with upcycled instruments. Sing, play, and save the planet with this creative set.
From 3 Years
Organic Greenhouse
For keen gardeners, this set educates children on how our food waste can become a helping hand in the garden. By using old peels we can create precious compost, and with his greenhouse, Marco demonstrates the importance of reusing our waste and how this can help us grow organic and delicious snacks.
From 3 Years
Sam & Pam
Join Pam and Sam on another sustainable adventure. Discover nature with solar-powered gadgets, and map-guided quests, all whilst learning how to respect nature.
From 3 Years
Solar Offroad Adventures
Embark on an eco-rescue mission with Oscar. Protect nature, prevent wildfires, and explore with the solar-powered offroad car as you learn and play with renewable energy technology.
From 3 Years
Tree Planting E-car
Here comes Aria and her energy-efficient car! This set demonstrates just how we can use natural energy in our lives. With a terrific turbine and an electric charging port, there are plenty of ways to harness the power of the wind.
From 3 Years
Pandas’ Bamboo House
The sustainable panda family knows everything about green energy and can’t wait to tell you all about it. Their house has solar panels and an elevator basket that works with string so you can lift the little pandas up and down. This set is a great way to teach children about environmental responsibility through role play.
From 3 Years
Tigers’ Jungle House
A great way to teach little eco warriors about environmental responsibility while developing their creativity and imagination. Hanging out with the tiger family in their house is also great for developing social skills and language ability. With the 18 garbage cards, children can learn about the importance of sorting rubbish and recycling.
From 3 Years
Elephant Family
A trumpeting family of four elephants that will help teach your mini eco-warrior about all things sustainable. They are the perfect accompaniments to any doll's house set as these figurines can sit, stand and hold things with their hands.
From 3 Years
Koala Family
A cute and cuddly family of four Koalas that will help your mini eco-warrior learn all about sustainability. They are the perfect accompaniments to any type of doll's house  as these figurines can sit, stand and hold things with their hands.
From 3 Years
Polar Bear Family
A brilliant family of four Polar Bears that will help teach your little eco-warrior about sustainability and of course, the arctic. The perfect accompaniment to any type of doll's house as these figurines can sit, stand and hold things with their hands.
From 3 Years
Ben’s Eco Catamaran
Embark on a mission with Ben the Otter, the eco-conscious sailor, to clean the oil spills and rescue sea creatures. Climb aboard his solar-powered catamaran for adventures in marine conservation.
From 3 Years
Clio’s Bio Juice Cart
Join Clio the Jaguar on her eco-friendly quest! Zoom around in her solar-powered juice car, serving up fresh, local smoothies and championing the benefits of carbon-neutral fruit.
From 3 Years
Forest Fire Rescue
Join Kiki on an epic adventure as she saves her furry Sugar Glider friend from a blazing forest fire.
From 3 Years
Green School
Under the guidance of Doris the wise Elephant, embark on environmental lessons alongside her students Carlos and Lana at their Green School, where you can enter a world of eco-intelligence.
From 3 Years
Kiki’s Treehouse Headquarters
Meet Kiki the Koala, your brave forest defender. Join her in the Treehouse HQ to inspect forests, extinguish wildfires, and have fun with your animal friend sugar glider.
From 3 Years
Ocean Rescue Playset
Learn how to care for our oceans with this ocean rescue base playset! Including two turtle figurines and five animals, you'll help your turtle friends to keep the ocean safe and clean and to look after any animals in trouble! The set features two floors so you can enjoy plenty of activities such as a spiral slide and even a solar-powered speedboat! With plenty of dynamic features such as opening doors, a gate and a rotating wind turbine. The two turtle figurines can also be positioned sitting or standing up whilst holding objects too. As you help save the animals and clean the rubbish from the oceans, children become more environmentally aware. The set is great for encouraging imagination, storytelling skills and introducing water wildlife to little ones.
From 3 Years
Eco-Camping Playset
Explore the great outdoors with this eco-tastic camping playset. This set comes with a tent and sleeping bags, cooking gear and supplies to tidy-up the forest.