Crafting & painting

Ready, set, create!

Our crafting range is designed to encourage creative thinking whilst helping your mini artist learn everything from colours, shapes and patterns to letters, numbers and symbols.

Thinking outside the box

Art teaches lifelong skills such as self-expression. This promotes a sense of individuality and allows children to think outside of the box. Who says the sky can't be pink or the grass blue?

The art of mess-making

Using various colours, textures, and shapes, children can communicate their feelings and develop a better understanding of themselves and others.

Build confidence creatively

Being creative can boost self-esteem by providing children with a sense of accomplishment and pride in their work. It allows them to develop a positive self-image whilst building confidence in their abilities.

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All-in-1 Easel
Whether it’s a scenic view or a dashing portrait, this all-in-one easel is ideal for your budding artist. This sleekly designed easel keeps any creative mess in one place, as it includes paint pot holders, a storage shelf and a replaceable roll of paper. Its adjustable height means it can keep us as your child grows. And its durable, high-quality frame will last for years to come.
From 3 Years
Anywhere Art Studio
To inspire creativity, all you need is the versatile Anywhere Art Studio. Its space-saving design means your growing artists will love swapping between the chalkboard and whiteboard to develop their creativity and fine motor skills. Best of all, you can move the easel from room to room, or even pack it up for trips away, making it a truly portable art studio.
From 3 Years
Chalks and Stencils Art
Use the stencils and chalk to trace exciting scenes with characters and funky shapes. Or you can go freehand and simply draw with the chalk. This set also includes a poster with tips and suggestions!
From 3 Years
Colour Mix Painting
Do you know what red and yellow makes? Well with this colour mixing set you can find out yourself! Using the three primary colours, your mini artist can learn all about the different ways that colours are made. Plus the album comes with six activities to complete and even a handy binder clip to keep your artwork together.
From 4 Years
Letters and Numbers Tracing
Practice the alphabet and counting as well as writing letters and numbers with this wonderful stencil set! Then you can write anything you like! Includes 44 letter and number stencils and an album with 10 activities. Perfect to use on Hape easels!
From 4 Years
Oodles of Doodles Scratching
Take doodling to a whole new level with this exciting scratching set. Just scratch away your favourite stencil designs with the wooden stylus, and if you're feeling confident, doodle your own designs and watch the sparkling background appear underneath!
From 4 Years
Outdoor Art Easel
Experience the wonders of nature with Hape`s wooden outdoor easel. Perfect for outdoor creativity, this sturdy easel is a must-have for budding artists on their artistic adventures.
From 3 Years
Portable Bamboo Easel
A portable and eco-friendly art companion for young artists. Crafted from sustainable bamboo, it's perfect for creative adventures on the go.
From 4 Years
Sponge Painting Fun
Paint pages and pages of colourful friends as you design your own characters with this inspiring stencil set. You can even choose an illustration from the album as your baackground so each artwork you create is unique!
From 3 Years
Step Up Bamboo Easel
Set your imagination free and go wild with this fantastic double-sided, easy-assembly easel! Flip to choose between the blackboard, magnetic whiteboard or paper – then get creative! The double-sided design allows two children to play at the same time. The unique 3-in-1 design lets children experiment with different drawing materials and surfaces. The height-adjustable system allows you to adjust it according to the children`s height.
From 3 Years
Colour Me Art Apron
Design it yourself with Hape's art apron. You can colour and create your very own masterpiece apron to use over and over again when it's time get creative.
Finger Paint Set
This finger painting pack is a great way for children to explore, learn and develop through sensory play. With 9 animal pictures to paint, there are even four pots of finger paints included!
From 3 Years
Art Paper Roll
This roll of painting paper has a length of 20 m.
From 3 Years
Magic Friends, Storytelling DIY Magnets
Decorate the wooden magnets however you please using the glitter markers or your own craft supplies. Then create your own fairytale stories using the poster as a background and a magnetic surface like our Easel or your fridge!
From 4 Years
Mars Space Life, Storytelling DIY Magnets
Decorate the wooden magnets however you please using the glitter markers or your own craft supplies. Then create your own stories from outer space using the poster as a background and a magnetic surface like our Easel or your fridge!
From 4 Years
XL Art Paper Roll
Unleash your child's creativity with this endless canvas. It provides a world of drawing, crafting, and imaginative play possibilities. The perfect companion to our Outdoor Art Easel.
From 3 Years
Art Palette and Brush Kit
A complete kit including a sturdy palette and high-quality paintbrushes, providing endless possibilities for creative expression. Let their imagination soar and watch their colourful masterpieces come to life.
Magnetic Alphabet
A pack of 52 magnetic letters so your child can begin to learn the alphabet and its upper and lowercase letters.
Magnetic Animals
Decorate your easel, whiteboard, fridge or even your radiator with any of these 30 animal magnets. Add a wild touch to any of your creations or use them on your easel to stimulate imagination, as you draw scenery around them.
From 2 Years
Magnetic letters
Learn the alphabet and get your head around your first spellings with these 70 letter magnets. Ideal for introducing first words and writing short sentences as they can stick to the Hape easel too making it a perfectly compatible toy.
From 3 Years
Magnetic Numbers
A pack of magnetic numbers and maths symbols so your child can learn everything from identifying basic numbers to more challenging arithmetic sequences.
Magnetic Vehicles Set
Zoom into playtime with these fun and educational vehicle magnets, encouraging fine motor skills and vocabulary development.
From 18 months
Colour & Shapes Art
Unlock your child's creativity with our Colour & Shapes Art set. Explore the world of colourful shapes, create stunning artwork, and draw freely with the wipeable marker for endless artistic possibilities.
Crayons Set
Get to know your colours with this multipack Crayon Colouring Set. Match the crayons to the stickers, learn colour names and complete all sorts of other colouring activities that are included.
From 2 Years