For mini artists on the go

Best of bamboo

Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant on Earth, we’ve a dedicated workshop for researching and developing bamboo toys that inspire education and creativity - just like this easel.

Grows as they do

This easel features adjustable height options to meet every child's needs. Suitable for table use or to simply stand alone, it encourages creativity at every age!

Harnessing creativity

Through creative expression, children develop their imagination, and storytelling skills while building confidence in their uniqueness and ability to create whatever they please.


Portable Bamboo Easel

A portable and eco-friendly art companion for young artists. Crafted from sustainable bamboo, it's perfect for creative adventures on the go.
Product code: E2009
  • PORTABLE ACCESSORIES: This lightweight easel includes the easy-to-assemble bamboo body, three easel leg connectors, one canvas, one wooden drawing board, one foldable brush case, one cup, two clips, and an adjustable tray and handle.
  • IGNITE THE ARTIST WITHIN: Engaging in artistic activities like painting contributes to children’s creative development, including using their imagination, honing their storytelling abilities and even building their confidence.
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE: Simply pull the handle at the top of the easel to smoothly adjust the height according to your child’s unique needs. It features tall and medium heights plus a short option for use on a table or high surface.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Although it has eight bamboo pieces, this easel is easy for children to assemble themselves. The lightweight bamboo and detachable accessories make it easy to carry in their backpack – ideal for outdoor or on-the-go art.
  • DESIGNED FOR MINI ARTISTS: This easel has been specially designed to suit budding artists from the ages of three onward, with professional-grade details that have been simplified for children to role-play as real-life professional painters.
Title Portable Bamboo Easel
Product number E2009
Age Group From 4 Years
Number of Parts 14
Size 58.9 x 105.4 x 43.3 cm
Weight 2 kg
Play tips
On sunny days, show children how to position the easel in a way that their shadow falls on the easel’s surface. They can then trace their shadow and use it as the base for creative art pieces.

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