Love play, learn.

Play is at the heart of everything we do. Because the more children love to play, the more life skills they learn. Our goal is to instil these important skills as early as possible. Of course, playing with our toys won't do this on its own. But with the right toys and play tips, we can lay the best possible foundations for a child's development and growth.

The minds behind our designs

We've set up design studios around the world to focus on developing engaging toys that children love to play with. And by working with some of the world's top child psychologists and educators, we've also identified six key skills that children need to help them flourish. 

 These traits are:
 Creativity, Confidence, Strength, Curiosity, 
Kindness, Integrity

A design philosophy built from play

Our designs are based on feedback we get from extensive research and from seeing how children play at our school. We use this information to constantly improve and refine our designs. This helps ensure that all our toys have at least one specific learning benefit for children.

Our learning benefits

Caring for the world our children will inherit

Our toys are made by the planet, for the planet. From having our own bamboo forest to using planet-friendly plastics, we're committed to making toys in the most environmentally-friendly ways possible. So children can enjoy good green fun for generations to come.