A very sweet adventure

A very sweet adventure

Perfect for free play

Free play lets a child discover the world in a way that suits them. Being free to choose what and how they play is ideal for boosting children’s creativity and problem-solving skills.

Made from Nature

Our Green Plant Explorers are made from fast-growing bamboo and a special type of plastic derived from plants, also known as Green PE.

Learning through play

This set was created for children to experience learning through play - it encourages children to respect the world around them whilst simultaneously having fun with the figurines and their accessories.


Honey Bees Picnic

A playset that teaches children the importance of bees and the vital role they play for the planet. In this set, mini beekeepers will learn how honey is made from nectar and also how it transforms into a well-known delicious snack.
Product code: E3415
  • IDEAL FOR FREE PLAY: This set is perfect for encouraging role play, creativity and imagination, and letting children be free to create their own games surrounding all things honey!
  • PLENTY OF ACCESSORIES: This playset comes with one acacia tree, two little bees, one platform, one honey dispenser, one honey jar, one honeycomb frame, two pieces of honeycomb, two pieces of bread, one toast tray, one carpet and one figurine.
  • MULTI-ACTION FIGURINE: Penny the bear figurine can sit, stand and hold accessories with her hands.
  • SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS: Made from sustainable materials including Green PE plastic and FSC-certified wood.
Title Honey Bees Picnic
Product number E3415
Age Group From 3 Years
Number of Parts 14
Weight 0.26 kg
Play tips
Help your little bees collect nectar from the acacia tree then head back to the hive to make some honey. When it`s ready you can open the hive, collect the honeycomb and fill your jar with delicious honey that you can spread on toast!
WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD-Small parts&small balls. Not for children under 3 years. Before first use thoroughly wash all non-wooden parts of the product. For toy use only. Not for use with real food or a real stove/oven. Remove the packaging material before you give the toy to your child. Please keep all the relevant information for future reference. Decorations and colors may vary!

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