A playful introduction to problem-solving

Building on the basics

Stacking blocks is one of the simplest ways for your child to build their basic skills. Hand-eye coordination is needed to stack and nest, while problem-solving skills are used to sort the blocks.

Stack, sort or nest?

Children can stack, sort or nest the blocks in a variety of exciting ways. While some stacking options focus on colour recognition, others help to build their sense of balance and coordination.

For all-day open-ended play

Open-ended play creates a near-endless outlet for children to channel their creativity, whether they choose to count the pieces, sort them by category, or create their own story.


Nature Scene Stacking Blocks

A colourful set of irregular blocks with a scenic and animal theme. These blocks have a nesting and stacking function to unleash your child's imagination and creativity.
Product code: E0499
  • PROMOTES CREATIVITY: This toy is a great way to teach children about different colours which improves their colour recognition.
  • NATURE'S BIGGEST FAN: This set helps children to learn about how different animals live in different habitats, which could promote interest in nature.
  • IMPROVING FINE MOTOR SKILLS: With these blocks children can improve their hand and finger dexterity as they pick up and balance the different-sized blocks.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: These colourful irregular blocks can be nested and stacked to unleash your child's imagination and creativity.
  • FUN & INTERACTIVE PIECES: This block set contains 22 colourful pieces which include scenic trees and mountains and even animal characters like a bear, bunny and crocodile.
Title Nature Scene Stacking Blocks
Product number E0499
Age Group From 2 Years
Number of Parts 22
Size 24.5 x 21.7 x 3 cm
Weight 1.05 kg
Play tips
Encourage your child to create colour patterns or sequences from small to big such as different natural scenarios. This can aid children's imagination and creativity as well as their early math skills development.

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