Ready to pretend play and learn?

Perfect for role play

Role-playing boosts childrens' confidence as they successfully navigate imagined scenarios, hones their problem-solving skills, and helps refine their communication abilities. It's a playful yet impactful way for children to develop emotionally and intellectually.

Added learning benefits

When a child "cleans" a spill or "sweeps" up dirt, they see the result of their actions. This understanding of cause and effect is foundational in cognitive development.

Preparing for real experiences

While it's play-based, engaging with cleaning toys can introduce children to practical life skills they'll need as they grow older.


Vacuum Playset

Learn to keep things spotless with this vibrant vacuum cleaner. With its funny robot face, you can actually vacuum up the six bits of rubbish that are included.
Product code: E3056
  • FUN-FILLED TOY: This vacuum cleaner also comes with six pieces of rubbish to practice vacuuming up.
  • AIDS DEVELOPMENT: Perfect for developing imagination, fine motor, language and social skills.
  • FUNCTIONAL TOY: When you roll the vacuum cleaner over the rubbish, it'll get sucked up. Simply open the bottom to get it out.
  • PERFECT FOR PRETEND PLAY: This set is ideal for pretend play as it encourages children to keep clean and tidy whilst also gaining confidence and organisational skills from cleaning their own space
  • EXCITING DESIGN: The vacuum cleaner features a robot face to make this toy even more exciting.
Title Vacuum Playset
Product number E3056
Age Group From 2 Years
Number of Parts 7
Size 17.5 x 58 x 18 cm
Weight 0.9 kg
Play tips
Through imitation, your tiny helper can pretend to clean as you clean your home. They can actually use the vacuum to suck up the rubbish.
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