Happy Buckets Set

Explore the magic of falling water with this bright and colourful three bucket set. Each bucket comes with a unique base so your child can explore the water pouring out in a different way.
Product code: E0205
  • PLENTY OF BATH FUN: This set features three colourful buckets with different draining systems
  • MULTI-PURPOSE TOYS: Perfect for use in the bath or at the pool for experimentation and water play
  • COLOURFUL AND CHILD-FRIENDLY: These buckets are bright, colourful and even BPA free
  • NON-TOXIC FINISHES: This toy is made from non-toxic and child-friendly materials that will last for many bath times
  • EASY CLEANING: Hape bath toys are easy to drain and clean
Title Happy Buckets Set
Product number E0205
Age Group From 12 months
Number of Parts 3
Weight 0.19 kg
Play tips
Fill up the buckets with water, bubbles or carry your other bath toys around in the pails.
WARNING: Dry and empty the water before storage. Please keep all the levant information for future reference.
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