Explorers Bug Jar

The Explorers Bug Jar will get your kids interested in bugs and insects before they can say (or spell) ‘entomology’. This compact outdoor toy is a portable insect study centre and can help teach kids how to gently capture and release insects, while learning about different species and also developing a love for nature. The light, magnifying glass and measuring grid allows them to study specimens with a biologist’s eye.
Product code: E5577
Made with plant plastic
Made with plant plastic
Social Skills
Social Skills
Problem Solving
Problem Solving
Exploring & discovery
Exploring & discovery
  • A LITTLE RESPECT: Examining little insects up close helps kids to respect the complexities and uniqueness of insects.
  • MEASURING UP: Use the measuring grid on the bottom to compare the size of the insects. Light up the details with the magnifying glass and LED light.
  • GENTLY DOES IT: Air holes keep the bug alive while your child learns more about them. Once the bug has been observed, gently release it back into nature.
  • SUSTAINABLY MADE: The toy is made using biomass (non-oil-based) plastic. After all, we want to leave loads of nature for future generations to explore.
Title Explorers Bug Jar
Product number E5577
Age Group From 4 Years
Number of Parts 1
Size 7.2 x 8.5 x 7.2 cm
Weight 0.1 kg
Play tips
See who can collect and identify the most insects before gently releasing them. By doing the collecting in different seasons and times of the year, kids will discover which insects are common to each seasons. Keeping and adding to a ‘bug book’ can also help kids learn to identify each insect and the role they play in your local eco-system.
WARNING: Choking hazard -Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs. Please check and fix firmly before use.

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